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The Irlen® Method

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What is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen® Syndrome, also referred to as Scotopic Sensitivity alters the way many people see things. It is problem of visual perception rather than an eye problem and is caused by the way the brain interprets visual information received through the eyes.

Having Irlen® Syndrome can prevent people from reading effectively and efficiently. More information >

The Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

Offers a range of Irlen® Method screening and assessment services to identify the specific combination of coloured filters or overlays which can significantly improve an individuals ability to process visual information. More information >

The Irlen® Method

More information about the Irlen® Method is available at

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The Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

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The Irlen® Method

Is non-invasive technology that uses coloured overlays and lens filters to improve the brain's ability to process visual information.

It is the only method scientifically proven to successfully correct the processing problems associated with Irlen® Syndrome.


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